20 Genius Hacks To Cut Down Your Heating Costs This Winter

Some of us enjoy warm weather and tropical temperatures all year round, but for the rest of us, bundling up and keeping warm for the colder months of the year can be a challenge.

It’s often an understatement to say that these can be the most expensive few months out of the year. Between snowstorms, gas bills for transportation, and frigid nights, the amount of money you spend staying warm can burn right through your bank account. Check out a few of these tips and tricks to keep your costs low and your home comfortable this winter.


Change Furnace Filters – To help keep your furnace running at peak efficiency, its best to remember to replace or clean your filter every winter. This can also keep a lot of loose dirt and dust out of the air in your home!


Reverse Your Fans – Its pretty common knowledge that hot air rises, but that’s not where we want it to be during the colder seasons. Most fans come equipped with a reverse switch, so winter is a great time to put that into action!


Washing Machine – Many individuals heat their homes with hot water during the colder months, and hot water is also used to clean dishes. Cutting down on usage by only cleaning full loads can help lower costs.


Washing Machine – Similar to cutting back on the amount of times you run your dishwasher, limiting your laundry to full loads can also decrease hot water usage.


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