20 Tiny Homes Guaranteed To Inspire You

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After all you simply cannot have or store very many materialistic items if you do not have the room. Once you take a look at our wide assortment of tiny houses we’ve found on the web you will be astounded. Perhaps they will inspire you to build your own tiny home!

1. A garage converted to a 250 square foot tiny home:

converted garage

2. Porter cottage tiny house:

porter cottage tiny house

3. World’s most narrow house:

worlds tiny house

4. Tiny house sitting on a rock in Serbia for over 45 years:

tiny house on a rock serbia

5. Portable mini home with style:

portable mini home

6. How about this tiny New York cabin in the woods:

cabin woods new york

7. Unique floating wooden egg house:

floating wooden egg house

8. Eagle point tiny house with a grass roof:

tiny home green roof

9. Mobile blob VB3 tiny house:

blob vb3 tiny house

10. Floating modern tiny home:

floating modern tiny home





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