21 Amazing Aluminum Foil Hacks You Should Really Try

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Pie Crust Protector

Wrap the edges of your pie in aluminum foil to keep them from burning during baking.

Handle Protector

Foil is great to use as a door handle protector when you are painting doors.


Fashion foil into a funnel in a pinch!


If you have a radiator, you can put some foil in the back to help amp up the heat.

Pot Scrubber

Don’t waste money on steel wool, just use foil to scrub those dirty pots.

Jewelry Cleaner

Combined with hot water, baking soda, and salt, aluminum foil is an excellent jewelry cleaner.

Silverware Cleaner

That cleaning trick works with silverware too!

Hair Curling Aid

Curl your impossible-to-curl straight hair will the help of foil and a flat iron.

Grease Grabber

Poor grease into a foil-lined bowl and wrap up the foil after it cools and toss it.

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