22 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

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  1. Shower Caddy Produce Rack

    Produce WrackDomestic Diva

    Running out of space to store produce? Buy a cheap shower caddy at the Dollar Store (we love this wrought iron one), and hang it off the side of the cabinet to store produce without taking up space.

  2. Add Extra Shelves

    Extra ShelvesHGTV

    Not enough cabinet space for your plates and mugs? Why not add some extra shelves, the easy way! These pull-out wire shelves are so easy to install and add instant shelves without timely construction projects.

  3. Utilize Pegboards

    PegboardThe Food Network

    Pegboards can be really handy in the kitchen – but we find them especially useful inside of cabinets. Line cabinet doors with pegboard for extra space to hang kitchen utensils off of.

  4. Backsplash Buckets

    Backsplash BucketsSweet Verbana

    The backsplash is the space of the wall between the counter and the bottom of the cabinets. And it is precious wall space! Utilize that space by hanging wire baskets from the backsplash, perfect for baking supplies or produce, even.

  5. Stove Top Cover

    Burner CoversThe Kitchn

    Looking for extra counter space? Stretch your counters yourself with this little trick! Place a cutting board over half of your stove top burners for removable space to work on.

  6. Sink Cover

    Sink CoverSweet Verbana

    Another clever way to get more counter space? Covering your sink! If you have a double sink, use a cutting board to cover one, adding some extra space to prepare dinner.

  7. Utensil Holder

    Rake Utensil HolderEasy Homesteading

    If you have so many kitchen utensils that your old crock just isn’t cutting it anymore, try this storage alternative! Re-purpose an old rake into a utensil organizer and give your kitchen a rustic feel instantly.

  8. Enamel Mug Organizer


    We love this mug organizer! Not only is a cute way to use extra mugs you were planning on tossing out, but it’s a great place to store dish towels or various kitchen odds and ends.

  9. Magnetic Spice Jars

    BabyFoodJarSpiceRackforListOne Lucky Pickle via Good Housekeeping

    Magnetizing kitchen items is always helpful. Putting all your spices in magnetic jars not only makes it easy to identify which spice is which, but it allows you to free up space in your pantry!

  10. Cutting Board Organizer

    DeskOrganizerCuttingBoardsReal Simple

    Get those cutting boards out of the cluttered pile they’re in! Get an office organizer like this to stack your cutting boards neatly and save yourself space.

  11. Baking Rack Organizer

    Baking RackCookies, Crafts and Chaos

    Just like cutting boards, baking pans and muffin tins tend to pile up in your cabinet, taking up so much unnecessary room. Use an old magazine rack to keep everything in order.

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