22 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

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  1. Door Space Rack

    Spice Rack Door 2Everyday Home Blog

    The inside of a pantry door is an under-utilized space. We think it’s the perfect place to hang some shelves and store your spices on!

  2. Under-Sink Storage

    Kitchen Sink EditedHome Organizing by Alejandra.tv

    Instead of using pantry space to hold your cleaning supplies, use the empty area under your sink. You can keep things organized, all together in one place, and out of the way.

  3. Wire Door Rack

    Wire RacksI Heart Organizing

    Wire door racks don’t have to be small and only used for spices. If you’ve got bigger pantry items to store and nowhere to store them, hang some wire shelves from the closet door and organize them there.

  4. Office Chip Clips

    Office Clips 2Everyday Home Blog

    Trust me, I know how potato chip bags can add up. They clog up my pantry like no other! If you have wire shelving anywhere, get some binder clips from the office and use those to keep your chip bags closed and out of the way.

  5. Rolling Storage Crates

    Wheel CratesI Heart Organizing

    A great way to create some extra storage is with these rolling crates. You can store anything you need in them and store them somewhere out of sight, pulling them out only when you need them.

  6. Under-Shelf Storage

    Under Shelf RacksBetter Home and Gardens

    We love this kitchen hack! Store as much in your pantry as possible by drilling these wire baskets under existing shelves – to create more shelves! Shelves galore.

  7. Pencil Holder Shelves

    Pencil Holder ShelvesDomestic Imperfection

    Another great use for wire pencil baskets is to drill them into small, empty spaces of wall – spaces you wouldn’t ordinarily use! But when you have a small kitchen, you have to make the most of every inch of space.

  8. Trash Bag Storage

    Trash Bag RollsSimply Orgnaized

    Rather that let garbage bags in big boxes take up unnecessary room in the pantry, try this clever under-sink storage hack.

  9. Pot Lid Storage

    Pot Lid StorageEveryday Home Blog

    One kitchen item that can easily get out of control is pot and pan lids. Avoid wasting cabinet space this way and hang your lids on the back of your pantry door using tension rods or shelving.

  10. Plastic Wall Pockets

    Wall PocketEveryday Home Blog

    You might tend to ignore smaller pantry items, but when they build up, they create quite a mess. Save space by investing in some of these plastic wall pockets! You can hang them anywhere and store a medley of things.

  11. Magnetized Spice Rack

    Kitchen Storage FI EditedA Cultivated Nest

    Another creative spice rack idea: magnetize some pencil baskets and hang them off the side of the fridge. Then you can keep the pantry uncluttered and have all the spices in a convenient place.

Have you made storage space in a creative way in your tiny kitchen? Share how you did it in the comments section below.

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