22 Genius Ways to Use Canned Biscuits (and None of Them Are Making Biscuits)

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Flaky, buttery biscuits are the best, and we wish we could eat them every day. You too? Well, that wish is getting even easier to grant AND even more delicious, thanks to all of the tasty recipes incorporating our favorite canned side. Yes, canned biscuits are not only great on their own, they’re a vital way to make some of our favorite dishes easier to make and add some creativity to regular foods. Just take a look at all of the things you can make using biscuits! They’ll go from holiday treat to pantry staple in no time.

    1. Easy Maple Bars

      Craving doughnuts? Want fresh-out-of-the-fryer, homemade, topped-with-bacon doughnuts? Grab some biscuits and check out this recipe.

    1. 2-Ingredient Doughnuts
      Doughnuts EditedBuzzFeed Video

      Prefer your doughnuts more traditionally-shaped and flavored? Try this EASIEST of recipes that only requires one additional ingredient to biscuits!

    1. Garlic Parmesan Knots

      What better way to use biscuits than to use them to make some next level bread?! These knots are the perfect thing for your next family dinner.

    1. Mini Monkey Garlic Bread

      Another garlic-filled adaptation that’s no less delicious? This muffin-tin-baked monkey bread!

    1. Sweet Easy Monkey Bread

      Love monkey bread but not so into the garlic? Try this sweet variation made with cinnamon, spiced rum, chocolate chips and, of course, biscuits.

    1. Spinach and Artichoke 2-in-1
      spinachartichokebread-1-2aSeason and Supper

      No need to grab anything to dip into this delectable spinach-and-artichoke dip— your perfect dipper is already baked along with it! The original recipe calls for bread dough divided into 16 balls, so with biscuits, you’re already ahead of the game.

    1. Cuban Calzones
      Mini CalzonesPillsbury

      You can have calzones anytime the craving strikes! All you have to do is wrap the biscuit dough around your favorite fillings and bake. This particular recipes gives the Italian classic a Cuban twist with pork, ham, pickles and egg.

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