22 Genius Ways to Use Canned Biscuits (and None of Them Are Making Biscuits)

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    1. Turnovers
      Apple TurnoverSimply Recipes

      Like the calzones, these turnovers are super easy and turn a long process into a short, got-to-have-it-now one. Just wrap the dough around your favorite fruit filling and bake, using biscuit dough instead of pie dough or puff pastry. Our favorite? These apple turnovers are bursting with flavor and surprises like dried currants and walnuts.

    1. Breakfast Calzones
      BreakfastCalzonesWine and Glue

      Take the stuffed dish into the morning with biscuits and turkey sausage. The result is super tasty and similar to traditional kolaches!

    1. Mini Chili Bowls
      Mini Chili BowlsPillsbury

      Everybody loves a bread bowl; everybody enjoys personal, miniature appetizers. Give them both by baking mini bread bowls with the biscuits and filling them with your most powerhouse chili. If you want to get even smaller and cuter, use a muffin tin to bake the biscuit bowls!

    1. Coffee Cake
      Coffee CakeFood Network

      This twist brings a different kind of flavor to your favorite coffee cake recipe but keeps the satisfying size intact. Subbing in biscuit dough lets you experiment with toppings, so let your coffee cake get crazy! This one adds butterscotch pudding mix and pecans for a one-of-a-kind, incredible flavor.

    1. Mini Pot Pies
      Mini Pot PiePillsbury

      Bring this filling favorite down to a manageable size. Press the biscuits into a muffin tin, fill with veggies, chicken soup, or any other favorite filling, then fold the excess dough over the top. Using biscuit dough cuts down so much time and simplifies your ingredients list so much, this recipe just became a 4-ingredient one!

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