23 Easy, Fun and Helpful DIYs Using a Favorite Kids’ Beverage

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  1. Cookies

    Flavorful and pretty, these cookies from This Silly Girl Kitchen will make your sweet tooth happy!

  2. Bubblegum

    Did you know you can make your own bubblegum? Kids will love to give it a shot with this Kool-Aid and corn syrup recipe from Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio.

  3. Pickles

    A Southern treat, Koolickles have a heavy following among devotees – especially cherry. Make your own by following these instructions from A Simple Home Cook.

  4. Decorate Stationery

    Prettify your own note cards and other stationery with Kool dye. Freutcake has the know-how.

  5. Snow Paint

    This clever idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose will have you wanting to color the snow. So cute!

  6. Yarn Dye

    Weavers: behold the power of custom yarn colors with Kool-Aid. The color charts at Dye Your Yarnare off the charts!

  7. Edible Slime

    Slime kids can eat! Click on the tutorial here.

  8. Popcorn Blends

    You’ve seen it at specialty shops, but now you can DIY your own colorful popcorn. Check out these recipes at Moms and Munchkins.

  9. Bath Salts

    Kids will love when you turn their bath water rainbow shades from the Kool-Aid collection. You can find one way to do it on the site, Savy Naturalista.

  10. Cocktails

    Grownups can imbibe on Kool-Aid beverages with a twist of liquor. Learn how to mix it up with recipes from Home Wet Bar!

  11. No-Bake Pies

    Go big or go mini with these no-bake pies from the Unsophisticated Cook. Check out the steps!

Roll out to your nearest store to drop a few cents on your favorite Kool-Aid color or fruity scent. You don’t have to be a devout fan of the drink to try out these ideas in your household. You may just become a convert though!

Have you ever used Kool-Aid in a novel way? Which of these DIY uses would you love to try?

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