24 Hacks to Get the Most out of a Tiny Bedroom

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We’ve all been stuck with a tiny bedroom at least once in our lives. What constitutes a tiny bedroom doesn’t just have to do with size, however. It also has to do with the amount of stuff we are trying to put in said bedroom.

Some tiny bedrooms are actually larger than others in terms of square feet, but all are cramped and feel very small no matter how big they might say they are on paper. There are plenty of ways to better use your available space to make your tiny bedroom seem bigger, however. Read on to find out how.

Couch Bed

This isn’t your standard uncomfortable-bed-hidden-in-an-even-more-uncomfortable-couch deal. And it will save you a bunch of space!

Bed Shelf

Put a shelf behind your bed. You can hide it with a curtain to keep prying eyes away.

Console Shelf

Use a console table for a shelf and a worktable.

Hanging Lights

Use hanging lights whenever possible to reclaim some floor space.

Hanging Bed

Suspending your bed in air is not only visually interesting, it save tons of floor space.

Hanging Closet

If you need more space for clothes, try hanging a bar from the ceiling for extra clothing storage space.

Bed Closet

Try putting the closet/wardrobe on either side of the bed.

Chaise Sofa

This can easily double as a bed for those cramped spaces.

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