25 Little-Known Ways To Use Borax To Clean And So Much More!

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    1. Shine Stainless Steel

      Borax is also just the thing to bring the shine back to your stainless steel. Just mix it into a paste with some baking soda, lemon juice and club soda, then scrub away.

    1. Clean Cookware

      Stainless steel isn’t the only thing that can benefit from Borax! You can also use it as a cleaner for your cookware . . .

    1. Restore China

      . . . and mixed with warm water to form a soak to renew china!

    1. Clean Car Upholstery

      No need to go spend a ton of money at the car wash or in the car care aisle. You have Borax on your side! Just clean your upholstery with a homemade cleaner made of this versatile ingredient and some water and grated soap.

    1. Play With Putty

      Borax is obviously a super-powered cleaning ingredient, but you can have kid-friendly fun with it, too! Believe it or not, it’s actually a prime ingredient in homemade silly putty . . .

    1. Have Fun With Flubber

      . . . in a copycat, DIY version of “flubber,” after the family-friendly classic comedy . . .

    1. Scare Up Some Slime

      . . . and, come Halloween time, some spider-covered slime that even glows in the dark!

    1. Grow Some Snowflakes

      Less into the fall holidays and more about winter? Borax can help you out there, too! When you mix it with boiling water, put it in a jar, and then insert a pipe cleaner mold, Borax crystals will actually grow overnight and make a crazy cool snowflake shape.

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