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9. How’s it Hangin’? A Flop Tutorial

Until something as innovative as these cleverly designed hangers specially meant for hanging your slippers and flip flops inside the closet isn’t actually available in the stores, you must get your hands on this ultra-cool project that picks up your flip flops from the floor and stores them in a very tidy system. Hanging on a curtain rod mounted on two shelf brackets, these metal hangers are modified to hold the footwear with just a few simple steps. Once the bottom section is cut, you roll up the two edges, further coating them with a nice hue of paint. Pretty printed ribbons are transformed into lovely hanger jackets that are secured to the hangers using super glue. The final icing on the cake is a little red button glued to the center of the ribbon to embellish DIY hangers.

Idea Details : epbot

10. Make Your Own Belt Holder

Unique is the word for a belt holder that comes with an artistic touch, having a stunning board on top that sports the “Armor of God” scripture verse that talks about the belt of truth. What the bottom of the board has got is a few metal hooks that are meant to hang the belts from their buckles. To craft your own versions of the belt holder or hanger, you need to get a plain wooden board and paint its edges in black, gluing a scrapbook paper with a lovely texture to the front of the board with the help of Mod Podge. The tutorial also provides a printable of the verse that you can simply glue to the board. That perfect antique appeal brought to the piece is all thanks to a brown stamp pad used to ink the edges a little. A sawtooth hanger works great to hang the board on the wall.

Idea Details : blog.delightfulorder

11. Upcycled Cardboard Drawer Dividers

The key to transforming that chief drawer of your closet or dresser from super messy to absolutely well-organized is to divide it into smaller sections, having each of them dedicated to a specific type of item. And, simple pieces of cardboard make it a child’s play to construct easy-to-handle and install drawer dividers all by yourself. All you need to do is make cardboard cut outs that match the height of the inside of your drawer, while cutting half of them to the drawer’s width and going for the remaining half to match the drawer’s depth. You’ll end up with one more cubby per side than piece of cardboard you cut for each side. Take a look at the below tutorial to learn the process of cutting the pieces, assembling them together, as well as placing the finished grid into the drawer.

Idea Details : arealhousewifeofnyc

12. Girly-Glam Closet Makeover

The title itself quite clearly suggests that this closet makeover is the one-stop destination for all you elegant ladies out there who want to add a delicate girly charm to their closets. And, this inspiration does it all, while bringing in a lot more organization and functionality at the same time. You create a special vanity area to store the jewellery on little hooks installed on both the sides of a gorgeous mirror. The shelvings painted in white are so eye-pleasing, taking everything to all new levels with those velvet-lined drawers coming with precious stone knobs. Shower curtain hooks on a closet rod are used to hang all your purses, while lovely wood hangers work wonders for storing the clothes. A floral printed wallpaper installed between the two closets, a sparkling golden chandelier on top, and prints with Bible verses are truly enchanting.

Idea Details : viewalongtheway

13. DIY : From Wiry Slobs to Sleek Hanging Rods

Replace the traditional horizontally installed rods of your closet with a set of uber-cool sleek hanging rods Who knew a few items as ordinary as a braided paracord, simple closet rods, some screws, and a few swivelling ceiling driller toggle hooks could be such awesome cloth hanging solution when assembled together in a clever fashion. The project comes together oh so easily, taking no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to get it all done. A big loop of rope is threaded through the rod looped over the hooks, having its ends secures together with 3 knots and a separate piece used to make a gathering wrap to sit over the top of the loop. These rods eliminate the whole folded clothes stored on wired shelvings getting all messed up when you are in a hurry and looking out to grab that one specific piece of clothing – and that too forever!

Idea Details : thedesignconfidential

14. Minimalist Wardrobe Makeover Closet

Going for the concept of minimalism yet making a statement by breathing new life into that scary, messed up, almost disastrous space that your wardrobe closet has become is demonstrated just perfect in the below guide by Kayla Aimee. Learn how pulling out all of the old closet shelvings and replacing them with the Rubbermaid HomeFree Closet System can get the magic going in no time. Save a huge chunk of space by storing all your accessories in bins and installing slimmer versions of regular hangers. Oh yes, it’s all about changing the whole layout of the storage, assigning different racks for different clothing items as well as all your nitty-gritty stuff. The whole configuration, right from the very scratch can be brought to life in a wonderful budget, specifically under 200 dollars.

Idea Details : kaylaaimee

15. Repurposed Vintage Wire Baskets

These breathtakingly adorable vintage wire baskets in a lovely hue of pink are another excuse to hit the store or the flea market. And how The Decor Fix gives a brand new purpose to the simple baskets, making them beautifully functional and converting them into storage shelves for the dressing room is worth a round of applause. The key is to simply hang them on the wall and they are all set to be used as shelves for all your accessories, including hats, scarves, or bags. Not to forget, that subtle color scheme of the baskets makes them compliment just about any kind of interior, you can still spray paint them in your choice of color to make them even more apt and appropriate for your room. And getting it all done in under 18 dollars makes the idea a must-try for one and all.

Idea Details : thedecorfix

16. Bedroom Organization : Cluttered Mess to Mini-Dressing Room Closet Makeover

How about making your closet that’s currently all about clutter and randomly sitting piles of clothes unbelievably double up as a mini-dressing room? The special part about this one is that merely one square foot of space can look just so splendid with a little bit of organization that makes sure you go for a clever use of the available space. Two aluminium rods on the left go for tops and jackets, while the right side is handed over to shoe cubbies, bins, a hanging section for dresses, having two rods for pants, skirts and shorts. Replacing hangers with plastic hangers with rubber grips for a much more inexpensive option, lastly, adding a few bins for extra storage. We bet this hack is a marvellous idea to give a shot to, if you haven’t got huge a space to build a magnificent closet that looks quite like a whole dressing room.

Idea Details : paperdaisydesign

17. Days of the Week Closet Organizers

Bring a huge smile on the lips of your kiddos when they witness their closet getting a days-of-the-week themed makeover for their closets. An undoubted hit among bedroom organization ideas, this inspiration by Uncommon Designs Online keeps it pre-planned what to wear on each day of the week. Not only will it bid farewell to that annoying habit of the kids to repeat the same clothes every now and then, but also make the school mornings so much more easier. Americana chalkboard paint is used to craft the clothing organizers, while a handful of other supplies, including unfinished wood door hangers, chipboard letters, some multi surface satin paint in white birch, and some glue also need to be gathered. Simply paint the chipboard letters and attach them to chalk paint-coated door hangers, and voila!

Idea Details : uncommondesignsonline

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