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18. Operation Closet Organization

Put a Rubbermaid’s HomeFree Closet System to awesome use that adds splendour to an otherwise super messy kids closet. Surprisingly quick and easy to install, the system is also accompanied by a 6 foot closet kit, a lovely wood shoe cubby, and two white shelving units that together keep your purses, scarves, shoes and flip flops in perfect place, while integrating a dash of personalization to the closet at the same time. A top rail hanging on the wall gets a few vertical rails attached to itself, forming a basic skeleton to install all of the remaining components. The great versatility of the system allows you to add a rod at all the spots you install shelves. Smaller clothing accessories, including the hats, gloves, and other items are stored in rustic gray storage bins placed on the top shelf.

Idea Details : uncommondesignsonline

19. DIY Coat Closet Makeover

Take that coat closet from looking all dumpy and junky to totally delightful, following a quick bunch of steps explained in this guide by Classy Clutter. Getting the DIY makeover done is plain fun, specially when the end results are a glorious looking storage space, totally free from those coat piles and unmanaged hangers. Once you empty the closet and remove the closet bar as well as the hangers, it’s time brighten it up with a splash of paint. The author here goes for a mixture of Behr’s Canton Jade and Tropical dream, ending up in a subtle soft mint green, bringing out complimenting accents by coating the trim and the shelves in glossy white. If you love a little luxury here and there, add a gold glitter backdrop and spray paint a few hooks with a rich gold, attaching them to the existing trim.

Idea Details : classyclutter

20. Easy DIY Closet Makeover

Does your closet have stuff all over the place, making it almost impossible to find what you need? Spruce up the storage and make it much more functional with a handful of tweaks inspired by this super easy DIY closet makeover. Some track lights, a sturdy shower curtain rod, a storage cube, your choice of fabric that’s sturdy, thick, and less likely to get stained; and most importantly, a Room Essentials Closet System are all you need to modify the whole section into an all new storage space. Take a look at the below guide by Belinda Selene to learn how the makeover is brought to life with just a little bit of creativity. It takes you through great tips for taking down the shelves as well as various tips for installing the brand new fabric on the walls.

Idea Details : belindaselene

21. Closet Organization

Typically, that closet in the bedroom always seems to get all unmanaged every few days, no matter how much you try to get everything in place. But just a few innovative tips and tricks is all it takes to maximize storage, while ensuring all the stuff remains in its perfect place forever. This closet organization inspirations comes to your rescue, going for unassembled organizers as the building blocks, installing new shelvings inside the closet using brackets to hold them to the wall. A little remodeling, doing a few cuts, adding some closet rods and reassembling of the different components, preceded by a careful measurements of the dimensions of your closet has rightly been demonstrated in the below guide by Ann’s Entitled Life, letting you achieve an awe-inspiring brand new closet as easily as pie.

Idea Details : annsentitledlife

22. How To Hang Handbags in the Closet : Bedroom Organization

Just like any other piece of clothing, jewelry or fashion accessory, even your handbags need a pretty gorgeous and handy housing solution for themselves. After all, they are all credits to housing all your essentials when you are away from home. Here’s a wonderful hack to hang all your handbags in the closet using a closet rod with utmost convenience. Oh yes, the bags slide back and forth super easily in case you need to shift them. Simply gather a few shower hooks and hang the small ends of the hooks over the closet rod, enabling the kids as well as grown ups to hang their bags with great effortlessness. Head to the below inspiration by A Thoughtful Place Blog and get your hands on the visual instructions you need to follow to forge the hack.

Idea Details : athoughtfulplaceblog

23. How a Girl Built her Closet

Taking a mere glimpse at this extraordinary transformation, you will already be going to recreate the process in your very own closet, bringing out the best possible versions of the storage. Once you measure the dimensions of your closet and sketch its walls on graph paper, prepare a rough layout in pencil, specifying what you want to go where. Next step is to divide the space in order to fit your requirements, followed by painting and priming the wood. The shoe shelves are a few inches apart, having the bottom shelf work as an exception that holds some bins to store flip-flops and slippers. Some shelves, hanging bars and rods work wonders for keeping the clothing items in a convenient reach, while a few baskets on the sides go for other essentials. The cubbies, baskets and labels are extra touches of beauty.

Idea Details : confessionsofaserialdiyer

24. DIY Closet Tags

Amidst a whole spectrum of ways to club items into different categories, labeling and adding tags somehow always manages to top the list. And that’s why, these DIY closet tags have grabbed a spot on this bedroom organization list. The idea is to have your complete outfits planned for the days of the week, right from choosing the accessories, to ironing the clothes and selecting a matching pair of shoes. Next, you make adorable tags specifying one weekday each, all set to label the outfits with. To craft your own DIY closet tags, you are going to need some used cardboard from cereal boxes, further tracing a DVD and adhering some cute-printed paper to the disc cutouts. Once you laminate them to ensure durability, they are ready to be installed on the closet rods.

Idea Details : allthingskatiemarie

25. Organized T-Shirt Drawers

It’s time to bid farewell to those messy folds and piles of t-shirts lying in the drawer, leaving your favorite t-shirt somewhere hidden underneath the cloth-mountain, taking forever to get your hands on it! Working up a super organized t-shirt drawer that not only keeps each of the tees neatly folded and arranged, but also saves so much space to add a whole bundle of new clothes to the drawer has been made a piece of cake by the below guide from All Day Chic. You have got easy to follow pictorial instructions that showcase 5 simple steps to fold the tee shirt in an interesting fashion, lastly placing them on the shelf or inside the drawer. It’s all about treating that little space like a tiny room and making the most of it, and grabbing that adorable graphic printed tee is just a matter of a blink of the eye!

Idea Details : alldaychic

Source : cutediyprojects.com

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