25 Plans to Build Your Own Fully Customized Tiny House on a Budget

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15. Virginia

Virginia tiny cabin plansThis lovely cabin is a departure from many of the other designs. Whereas most feature the loft up in the back, this one has the loft in the front. Big windows look out on the porch downstairs, while a number of smaller square-shaped windows look out from the bedroom loft. I love the checkerboard layout with the windows; it gives you an open feeling.

Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/virginia/

16. Gina

Gina tiny cabin plansWhile this cabin looks quite minute from the outside, there is a surprising amount of space packed inside. The porch also offers you plenty of room to relax. Notice the low estimated building cost—less than $2,000. Many of the cabin plans on Pin-Up Houses can be constructed for just a few thousand dollars!


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/gina/

17. Sally

Sally tiny cabin plansThis lovely little cabin features plenty of large windows to let in the sun. As the windows have shutters, you can close them at night for privacy or during the wintertime to lock in the heat. Another unique feature is the grass growing on the roof.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/sally/





18. Cheryl

Cheryl tiny cabin plansThe design for “Cheryl” was inspired by the concept of a beach house. The ladder you use to climb into the cabin can be pulled up. Like most of the Pin-Up Houses, this one features big doors which provide you with an amazing view and lots of natural light.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/cabin-with-porch/cheryl/

19. Ann

Ann tiny cabin plansThis is another design which features walls that angle outward. This opens up the space both on the ground floor and in the sizable loft.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/ann/

20. Marilyn

Marilyn tiny cabin plansThis Texas-style cabin has a rustic, old-fashioned charm about it. The roomy interior features a comfortable living space and a cozy loft for sleeping. The porch makes for a pleasant place to relax and enjoy some fresh air. You can construct the entire structure for under $1,400!

Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/marilyn/

21. Candy

Candy tiny cabin plansThe design for “Candy” is similar to that of “Virginia.” A short ladder leads up to the porch. The interior features a big living space with a loft in the front of the structure.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/candy/

22. Carroll

Caroll tiny cabin plans“Carroll” is one of the larger cabin designs. The downstairs living area features plenty of space thanks to a ladder which leads up to the loft. Windows are smaller, but still provide plenty of lovely views of the outdoors. A furnace keeps you warm in the wintertime.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/carroll/

23. Lynda

Lynda tiny cabin plansThis is a truly beautiful cabin which has some lovely architectural motifs adding to its charm. A sheltered porch makes for the perfect place to relax outdoors in the shade, while the interior offers a surprisingly spacious living area. The estimated cost to build this beauty? Just $1,200.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/lynda/

24. Bettie

Bettie tiny cabin plansThis rustic design is based on the cabins which are popular in Canada. Evocative of wooded locations, this cottage works beautifully in any environment. Make it your wilderness retreat, whether you live out in the country or in the suburbs!


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/bettie/

25. Marion

Marion tiny cabin plans.An attractive sheltered porch offers a comfortable outdoor space leading to a cozy interior complete with a roomy loft. “Marion” is an elegant design which is ideal for a vacation home or full-time living.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cabin/marion/

I hope that you enjoyed this amazing selection of Pin-Up Houses! As you can see, building a tiny house is not outside of your means. Even if you only have a few thousand dollars to spend on plans and materials, you can construct the tiny house of your dreams!

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