25 Things Most That Women Have Done On Their Period But Won’t Talk About

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Ladies, it’s time we huddle up for a moment. We could all use an opportunity to talk about how Auntie Flo affects our lives when she visits each month.


It’s not always the breeziest. Somebody needs to purge the advertising departments that promote singing and triathlons when you’re on your period. It’s your flipping period. Go ahead, grumble.


We’re here to let you know you’re not alone in your thoughts or actions when your cycle starts to ratchet up. Whether you get melancholy, inquisitive, neurotic, compassionate, or empowered, there are some things we all have in common.


This list highlights some of those things that lots of us quietly go about doing when we’re about that menstrual life each month. Laugh!



You’re so freaking exhausted ALL DAY that you skip breakfast, have a nap for lunch, but then get takeout for dinner because you’re too tired to cook.


Crave the salty, crave the sweet, or crave both.


Have weeping fits over what happens to the birds and squirrels when it’s storming outside.


When you sneeze, you’re filled with regret and wonder about why biology connected your parts together this way.


You count down to when your period acne will fade away.



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