28 awesome reuses of baby cribs

aby cribs are important – and expensive – pieces of furniture. Today’s cribs are manufactured to meet a high level of safety regulation, and are often one of the most expensive things parents purchase for their infants.

Before the days of electricity, infants usually slept right beside their parents or siblings; the average family didn’t own homes with bedrooms because of the inability to consistently heat the separate areas, explains Ursula Ansbach in her 2008 article about the history of baby cribs. Trundle beds developed as a way for a child to graduate to their own bed without taking up extra space. During the day, the child’s bed was rolled, or trundled, underneath the parents’ to allow the family more space.
Today’s cribs are perfectly suited for keeping babies in a safely enclosed environment, but many parents wonder what to do with theirs when it has been outgrown, especially if safety standards have changed in those years. Some very creative people have found wonderful uses for all kinds of cribs; the video below showcases photos of 28 delightful projects that give new life to an old crib.