28 Genuis Ways To Upcycle Those Plastic Grocery Bags

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You accumulate plastic bags everywhere. Anytime you go shopping or get fast food, a plastic bag or ten comes home with you. Recycling them is always better than throwing them in the garbage, where they end up in landfills and take more years than you can imagine to biodegrade.

But you can do something even better than tossing them into the recycle bin and hoping they actually are recycled. You can upcycle them. You’d be shocked at the number of things you can make out of plastic bags and the number that don’t look like they were ever bags at all. Check it out.

Flower Pot


I bet you never thought about making a flower pot out of bags before.


Make beautiful mandalas from plastic bags.

Globe Lighting


Crochet plastic bags into awesome globe lighting.

Lamp Shade

This awesome lamp shade looks like an expensive designer piece.


These cute little cups are actually made from plastic bags.


Weave some baskets out of plastic bags. These are even nesting.


This adorable rug just takes a little crochet skill to make.

Table Mats

You can weave a table mat from plastic bags.

Jump Rope

Make your kids an awesome jump rope.

Bangle Bracelets

People won’t even be able to tell they are made from plastic bags!

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