31 Amazingly Re-Purposed Items That Are Sure To Inspire

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We all know recycling is important and most of us are pretty good at keeping it up, but don’t you think that instead of just recycling something it would be a lot more fun to create something useful that you can reuse?

Repurposing items can be a lot more gratifying than simply recycling. We collected some great items that could have went in the trash but instead were created into fascinating and functional objects. For example, do you know how many ways you can reuse an old piano? There is no need to find a way to dispose of such a beautiful piece of furniture! We’ll show you posts where people have turned old pianos into bookshelves, water fountains and even an aquarium!

Go ahead and look through these projects now, you will be amazed at what some creative thinking can come up with!

1. Bicycle sink stand:

bicycle sink stand

2. Bike parts chandelier:

bike parts chandelier

3. A clock made from a bike wheel:

bike wheel clock

4. Bottles made into hangers:

bottles as hangers

5. Breadbox charging station:

breadbox charging station

6. Fairy garden from a broken pot:

broken pot fairy garden

7. Old car turned into chicken coop:

car chicken coop

8. Car pool table:

car pool table

9. Chair made from wooden coat hangers:

coat hanger chair

10. Crib turned into a desk:

crib to table or desk

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