31 Ponytail Tricks That Are Borderline Genius


Are you tired of the same old ponytail? Does it come loose at the worst times? Maybe you think your hair isn’t long enough for one. If you’re ready for quick and easy upgrades, keep reading. You’re about to see some brilliant idea




JC at livingino.com shared this collection of thirty-one ponytail tricks that are borderline genius. There are illustrations and step by step instructions for each one. Learn how to combine braids, twists, and extensions with your ponytail. See how to keep unruly hair under control, or add curl and layers for more volume. If you’ve ever wondered how to do a chignon, that’s here, too. With this many ideas, you can have a new hairstyle every day for a month. See how to tame your ponytail and make it awesome when you click the link below.