32 Brilliant Items That Will Clean Your Home For You

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No one really likes to clean. Some may mind it less than others, but cleaning isn’t something the majority of people would do if they had any other option. Anything that makes cleaning easier or allows you to avoid cleaning altogether is a welcome addition to any home.

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that there are tons of products that will help you with your cleaning chores or completely eliminate them altogether. Some are more tongue in cheek, but others are brilliant designs that truly will make your life easier and your house cleaner. Interested? Read on to find out more!

WiFi Trash Can


This trash can not only has a built in vacuum, it will tell you when it needs more bags and remind you about trash day.

Keyboard Putty

Take all the work out of cleaning your keyboard by using putty to get those keys clean.

Window Robot

The WINBOT will automatically clean your windows.

Advanced Dust Pan

No more need to comb or shake out your broom with this brilliant dust pan.

Killer Wand

This wand kills germs without you even having to touch the germy surfaces.

Floor Stomp Pads

All you need to do is stomp a few times on these cleaning pads to get your stains up.

Body Dryer

You can just stand there and let it dry you off.

Bagged Trash Can

This trash can eliminates your need to put in new bags.

Molded Toothbrush

This unique toothbrush is fitted to your teeth. All you need to do is bite to get your teeth clean.

Camera Cleaner

This case actually cleans your phone’s camera when you open it.

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