32 Surprising Things You Can Make With Your Muffin Tin

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Prevailing kitchen wisdom would tell you that muffin tins are good for exactly two things: the muffins you occasionally start your day with, and the cupcakes you end it with on special occasions. Prevailing wisdom is wrong. We can make so much more than those two baked goods with our muffin tins, and what’s more, many of these ideas are totally healthy— and some aren’t recipes at all! Check out all the different things you can make, and start looking at your muffin pan in a new light.

Freeze milk without having to deal with an entire carton of separated fats and liquid. The muffin tin makes perfectly-sized portions for use in smoothies, soups, mashed potatoes and baked goods.

  • Pizza Muffins

Your kids will love this creative take on pizza. And these babies only take about 30 minutes to make.

Rice Krispie Nests close-up on purple linenTipHero

    1. Celebrate spring with these cute Rice Krispie treat nests filled with green-tinted coconut “grass” and chocolate eggs

Love pizza but skeptical of turning it into a “muffin?” Use classic ingredients and a muffin tin to make miniature deep dish pizzas better than anything you can find in a restaurant or the freezer aisle.

Christmas might be over, but file away this idea for next year! Use a tin to contain small toys or treats for an countdown-calendar perfect for your kids’ tastes.

  • Loaded Breakfast Nests

Use a muffin tin to make these adorable little breakfast nests that everyone will want to wake up to.

Everybody loves eating soup from a bread bowl. Everybody loves miniature dishes at parties. Muffin tins make both possible.

  • Sloppy Joe Bites

Try this less sloppy version of a classic.

Lynn’s Recipes, the inventor of this dish, calls it a soufflé. Others who have seen it call it an omelet. We just call it delicious and – thanks to the muffin tin in which it’s baked – perfectly-sized.

Not into soufflés and just want an omelet that calls itself an omelet? Then check out this recipe, which makes tasty Denver-style ones baked inside hash brown cups.

  • Mini Blueberry Pies

If you can’t be trusted with a traditional pie, make these cute little bite-sized ones instead.

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