37 Delicious Cookie Recipes You’ll Want to Make for the Holidays

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  1. Wonderful Gingerbread Cookies

    Almost as cute as they are yummy, gingerbread cookies are a holiday staple. This recipe creates dough that is easy to work with so you can create any cookie shapes you’d like to decorate!

  2. Cranberry Bliss Bars

    This copycat recipe is even better than the one you can buy at Starbucks or in the store, and it’s sweet enough that one batch of the cakey cookies will satisfy you and your whole family!

  3. 4-Ingredient Fudge Crinkles

    You are only four ingredients away from fudgy, lovely little cookies that looks as good as they taste. Perfect for cookie platters!

  4. Stained Glass Cookies

    If you’re looking for something unusual to serve up on your Christmas cookie platter this year, these stained glass cookies might be just the thing you’re looking for. These cookies are beautiful, out of the norm, and emulate the Christmas spirit!

  5. Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

    The quickest way to get your home smelling like the holidays? Make these amazingly soft snickerdoodle cookies. Cinnamon goodness everywhere!

  6. 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies


    Peanut butter cookies are great because of their simplicity. 3 ingredients, a few minutes in the oven, and you’ve got a peanut butter lovers’ dream.

  7. Best Oatmeal Cookies

    Often an underrated cookie, this oatmeal with raisins recipe is your childhood favorite all grown up!

  8. Uncle Bill’s Whipped Shortbread Cookies

    We don’t know who you are Uncle Bill, but you make some darn good shortbread cookies. Completed with a beautiful frosting drizzle and a cherry on top, these cookies come out picture perfect!

  9. Almond Spritz Press Cookies

    These almond spritz cookies give me strong Christmas childhood flashbacks. Take a trip back in time and whip up a batch of some tree or wreath shaped favorites.

  10. Snowball Cookies

    The staple of my mother’s Christmas cookie tray, these snowball cookies are a breeze to make and will quite literally melt in your moth.

  11. World’s Best Butter Cookies

    These butter cookies need no fancy toppings – they wow all on their own. Less really can be more.

  12. Soft Molasses Cookies

    For a spicy kick, add these molasses cookies to your holiday lineup!

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