40 High Style Low-Budget Furniture Makeovers You Could Do

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There are times when you see some furniture or decorating projects which you think would suit your house but could never replicate. This could be because you think you don’t have the money, skills or resources to put such projects into practice. The thing is, sometimes looks can are deceiving, and a lot of those incredibly fancy- and impressive-looking projects are actually quite a lot easier than you thought to bring to life.

In this article you will see a lot of different and stunning furniture makeover ideas that may look super impressive and stylish but are definitely doable for most people. Let’s take a look at them.

DIY Mudroom Bench from an Old Coffee Table

his is what you could do when you have a beautiful, wooden coffee table but need a mudroom bench instead. The table was cut in half to make the long bench, then painted white to match the room. A soft cushioned top was added as a finishing touch before both halves were installed against the wall, under the coat hangers.

DIY Stylish Ottoman from an Old Coffee Table

Unused coffee tables can be very versatile pieces if repurposed. This long one was polished and painted, then fitted with a patterned, cushioned top in order to become a great ottoman seat.

DIY Funny Functional Storage or Craft Supplies from a $9.50 Thrift Store Drawer


The boring, old cabinet storage was completely converted into a modern-rustic storage unit. The base unit was repainted and most of the drawers were replaced by open storage with fun and trendy wicker baskets. Several decorations and a dark, wooden storage board were added on top to complete the makeover.

DIY Toddler Loft Bed Made from an Old Crib

You don’t need to buy a fancy, convertible crib when the regular, old ones have all the pieces you need to make your toddler a very nice and functional loft bed. All you need is your crib, some wood-working skills and creative mind.

DIY TV Stand Makeover


This dark wood TV stand was great, but also old-fashioned. To give it an update, these crafty owners took out most drawers and painted it white, giving it a lighter look. The bottom was also carved into a stand as a finishing touch.

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