43 Amazing Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

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Home upgrades are generally thought to be expensive, time-consuming, and possibly needing of contractors, but many home upgrades you can do yourself for little money and just a few hours of your time or less. You don’t even need to be particularly crafty for many home upgrades, and the results will still be astounding.

From bedrooms to kitchens to bathrooms to garages and from appliances to furniture to windows to floors, you can upgrade nearly any part of your home on your own without having to be an expert in contracting or hire a contractor. Read on to find out more.

Bed Upgrade


Attach curtain rods to the ceiling above your bed to make any bed into a canopy bed.


Dress up and cover up storage shelves with curtains.

Switch Upgrade

It’s amazing what an improvement those frames make. Find out how to do this yourself here.

Curtain Hanging

Hang your curtains like the “do” picture so those windows look big and airy, rather than cramped.

Cord Upgrade

If you’re sick of those black cords laying around, trying using cord covers.

Cupboard Upgrade

This tutorial will show you how to give your cupboards some texture and make them look brand new.

Ceiling Lamp Upgrade

Put a lampshade over an eyesore ceiling fixture to improve its look.

Storage Cabinet Upgrade

Use crown molding to make inexpensive cabinets look classy.


Upgrade your cabinets by adding shelves to the top. Here’s how.

Shower Curtains

Higher shower curtains make it seem like you have higher ceilings.

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