5 Creative Ideas To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Every year we consume billions of water bottles. Although we can recycle the plastic bottles, there are other better ways to recycle them than just putting them into the recycle bins. For example, we can repurpose plastic bottles into some useful household items so that we can reuse them.

In this tutorial, Roman UrsuHack is going to show us 5 creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles. With some basic tools, he repurposed plastic water bottles into a funnel, a spoon, a nozzle (from the bottle cap) and a cup. Make sure to be careful when you are handling with heating the plastic bottles. Follow the video and learn the full instructions. If you have other creative ways of reusing water bottles, please share with us in the comment area below. And don’t forget to share these awesome plastic bottle life hacks with your friends and family!