5 Small Homes Built In 3 Weeks

It’s hard to believe that these 5 small homes built in 3 weeks! All of the tiny homes have one bedroom, one bathroom and a nice front porch. They also have a living room and kitchen. The builder of the tiny homes poured all of the slabs for the tiny cottages in one day and then started framing. Within three weeks they had all of the tiny homes framed, drywalled and painted. These colorful tiny homes were professionally built as tiny house rentals; it goes to show that they could be turned into a good idea for constructing a tiny, affordable house village. Each tiny house has a concrete parking spot out front that is big enough for two vehicles each. The tiny houses are conveniently located within a block of the downtown area. So the people who stay in them can walk to City Hall, the supermarket, the dollar store, some restaurants, the Methodist church, and an art gallery. These tiny house builds are by Blankenship Small Homes in Alabama. All of the colorful tiny homes have silver-colored metal roofs. And each tiny home is painted in a different pastel color, so it is easy to find which one is yours. The tiny homes all have very small yards, so they don’t need a lot of upkeep. It took less than three weeks for them all to be leased out for the year.


Have you ever stayed in a tiny house or a small house? You may not have realized it at the time, but that tiny cabin you rented by the beach was considered to be a tiny house. You’ll find no shortage of tiny house designs and styles at vacation spots and locations all over the world. Typically tiny house vacations have everything you need conveniently packed away into a tiny space, with a bedroom/pullout bed for sleeping, a tiny kitchen area for cooking, sometimes laundry, a bathroom, and a living area. It goes to show that you don’t need a lot of space to get by and enjoy yourself, as long as you have the essentials you can have a stay that’s memorable. A tiny house vacation is a fun way to see what it’s like to stay in a tiny house. You might even consider purchasing a tiny house or tiny cabin of your own for use as a vacation home to get away.

Tiny houses aren’t just for full time living and tiny house vacations, they can also be used for guest houses, artist studios, writers retreats, garden sheds, and kids playhouses. You might even see tiny houses used for emergency housing, oilfield camps, construction work camps, and temporary housing. You will also find tiny houses used as campground cabins, recreational cabin rentals, off grid living, and ADU accessory dwelling units. You can find tiny house designs for storage, hobby houses, backyard guest homes, tiny staycation cabins, gazebos, hot tub enclosures, barbecue grill shelters, swimming pool and spa buildings and more.



There are just so many unique and fun tiny house designs and tiny house plans out there, with something that is sure to suit most anyone. With tiny houses being so popular you will only see more and more tiny house builders producing designs and options to choose from. Whatever your lifestyle and needs, there is sure to be a tiny house for you, from the garden shed to the backyard in law suite, tiny house living has never been better. You will find tiny house prefab kits, workshops on building tiny houses on wheels, tiny house building kits, and tiny cabin workshops all over the country.


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