5 tiny home floor plans that you’ve got to see

There are some things in life that you just have to experience before it’s too late. Want to know what it feels like to jump out of a plane or to hike Mount Everest? Add it to the bucket list. Want to experience the freedom of selling your possessions and traveling the world? Add it to the bucket list. These lists are often frequented by adrenaline-inducing activities and extreme life moves, but they almost always end in an insurmountable wealth of happiness and fulfillment.
Similar to many of the aforementioned bucket-list items is the decision to drastically downsize one’s physical footprint and move into a smaller abode more conducive to travel and more cognizant of the environment. For all those who have been attracted to the tiny home movement, perhaps for the same reasons one is attracted to other bucket-list-worthy goals, it doesn’t take long to see that tiny home living isn’t merely just an experience, but rather a lifestyle. And a beautiful lifestyle it is.


To help inspire the tiny-home lover in you, we’ve got some stunning floor plans that you’re guaranteed to love! One glance at these floor plans and you’ll be dreaming up your own ideas for tiny living.
1. Tiny Cottage featured on Cool House Plans


This quaint cottage has everything one could want in a home. According to Cool House Plans, the home stretches to 355 sq. ft.
The second floor layout of the cottage really illustrates how spacious the floor plan is.
2. Ko’olau featured on Tiny Pacific Houses 
This modern abode is the perfect option for a small family wanting to take on the tiny lifestyle. According to Tiny Pacific Houses, the Ko’olau model sits at 314 sq. ft.
3. Katrina Cottage Designers home featured on Houseplans

This single-level homestead is as charming as it gets. The structure extends to 576 sq. ft. and features an optional bedroom and beautiful porch, as described on Houseplans.
4. The Linden featured on Tumbleweed Houses
The Linden model is a gorgeous cabin-like structure that is staying true to tiny, and doing it in style. The house sits at 177 sq. ft. and features an open floor layout that can sleep up to three people.
5. Mauna Kea featured on Tiny Pacific Houses 
The Mauna Kea model is a stunning option for a tiny home. According to Tiny Pacific Houses, the Mauna Kea has a total space of 355 sq. ft. and comes equipped with two lofts.

Tell us which floor plan was your favorite in the comments!