5 Tips For Making Winter A Little More Bearable!


Winter is coming. Most of us are starting to prepare the cold weather. While we love winter for some reason, we don’t like the high utility bills. Luckily there are many easy, effective and efficient ways to keep you warm and lower your utility bill. These 5 winter hacks come in handy to help you stay warm within your budget. Each of these tips are inexpensive and also easy to do.


For example, if you need to walk outside through the snow, your shoes usually get cold and wet, and may take a whole night or longer to dry out. An easy solution is to place some newspaper inside the shoes and they will dry out faster. If you have bad insulation in your home, especially for the window, you can use bubble wrap to insulate the window and it actually makes a huge difference. If you have foggy window in the car, you can rub shaving cream on the windows to help them defrost faster. Follow the video and learn all these useful tips to save money and fight off the winter cold!