50 Mind-Blowing New Uses For Old Things

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11. Use Mascara Brushes for Cleaning

Mascara Brush Cleaner

When you finish a tube of mascara, it’s easier than you think to find a second use for the small brush. After a thorough cleaning, the brush has many uses, as A Thrifty Mrs. points out. A mascara brush is small enough to get into the tiniest nooks and crannies of intricate jewelry and any other hard-to-reach spots. Get the instructions for a Mascara Brush Cleaner.

12. Turn a Bundt Pan Into a Whimsical Pumpkin

Bundt Pan Pumpkin

There are many clever ways to reuse old things for seasonal decorating. In the fall, Denise on a Whim suggests making an old Bundt pan into an adorable pumpkin. It’s a table centerpiece that your guests will love, and all it takes is some paint, glue, twine and wire. Get the instructions for a Bundt Pan Pumpkin.

13. Sew a Cable Knit Sweater to Make a Pillow

Cable Knit Sweater Pillow

When you have sweaters that you can’t bear to let go of, you’ll be glad that we found this blog post from Infarrently Creative showing how to turn a sweater into a pillow. Upcycle a couple of cable knit cardigans and you’ll look at old sweaters in a new light! Get the instructions for Cable Knit Sweater Pillows.

14. Makeover a Camera Strap with a Necklace

Camera Strap Necklace

Give your camera a personal touch by combining a delicate necklace with a statement brooch. Karisa of Clever Thursday shows how to add vintage flair to a strap by incorporating old jewelry. It’s a beautiful use for a necklace that you don’t wear very often but is too pretty to throw away. Get the instructions for Necklace Camera Straps.

15. Revamp a Sweater Into a Cardigan

Cardigan Sweater

If you’ve outgrown a pullover sweater that still has plenty of wear left, don’t toss it in the donation bin. The bloggers at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar take savvy seamstresses through a step-by-step process for converting a pullover sweater into a fashionable cardigan. Get the instructions for Sweater Cardigans.

16. Take a Shoe Box Lid and Turn it Into Art

Shoebox Lid Art

Have a blank wall in dire need of a makeover? Consider using the lids of old shoeboxes as “canvasses” for some collage artwork. Check out the chevron pieces Spunky Junky built. They’re incredibly stylish, and no one will have any idea that these are just new uses for your old shoeboxes! Get the instructions for Shoe Box Lid Art.

17. Repurpose a Paper Towel Rack to Store Bracelets

Paper Towel Bracelet Holder

Stowing bracelets away in a drawer is messy, and it’s likely that those at the bottom will get far less use than those within eye sight. Follow the tutorial on All Things Katie Marie’s and repurpose a paper towel stand to display bangles and bracelets. The entire collection will be visible at a glance and you’ll wonder how you ever got along before. Get the instructions for a Paper Towel Bracelet Holder.

18. Transform a Necklace Into a Headband

DIY Necklace Headband

Natalie of Creme de la Craft demonstrates another new use for old necklaces. She adds hair ties to make cute headbands. This might not be the easiest DIY project of the bunch, but it definitely has one of the most elegant payoffs. Get the instructions for Necklace Headbands.

19. A Photo Frame can Become a Beauty Tray

Photo Frame Tray

Spruce up your vanity with an old photo frame. All it takes is some paint and an artistic print to carry out C to C’s simple DIY project. Even if you don’t have a space dedicated to makeup and perfume, this tray can serve as a portable vanity to take supplies from bedroom to bathroom and back again. Get the instructions for a Photo Frame Beauty Tray.

20. Stack Baby Food Jars Into Hot Cocoa Snowmen

Hot Cocoa Snowmen

Save a few baby food jars to make these adorable hot cocoa snowmen. Haley at Hammer and Thread shows that it doesn’t take much to create these excellent decorations. Just fill up one jar with mini marshmallows and another with hot cocoa mix. Use some paint and small scraps of fabric to bring the snowman to life, and you’re done! We’ve even seen versions with a third jar filled with holiday candies, so the customization is up to you. Get the instructions for Hot Cocoa Snowmen.

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