50 Mind-Blowing New Uses For Old Things

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21. Upcycle a Bread Box Into a Charging Station

Breadbox Charging Station

When there is no longer a use for a breadbox in your kitchen, transform it into a charging station for all of your personal devices! Use Gabriel’s Good Tidings as a guide to create one for your own home. Use it in your kitchen or on your nightstand for a clever way to conceal those unsightly phone charger cables. Get the instructions for a Bread Box Charging Station.

22. Use Mason Jars as Portable Salad Containers

Mason Jar Salads

Finally put that collection of old jars to good use! Julia of My Food and Other Stuff shows how to make a week’s work of healthy salads in easy-to-tote jars. She has a Mason jar salad cookbook coming out soon, but you don’t have to wait to start making these delicious lunches. Get the instructions for Mason Jar Salads.

23. Revamp Flannel Pajamas Into a Chic Scarf

Flannel Scarf

If you’re looking to get rid of some threadbare flannel pajamas, try reworking them into a trendy scarf. This tutorial from Brittany Makes uses a few basic sewing techniques to give flannel pants new life. Now, instead of wearing them to bed, you can wear that flannel out on the town. Get the instructions for a Flannel Scarf.

24. Reimagine a Baking Sheet as a Message Board

Baking Sheet Magnet Board

Over the years, many home cooks develop a special bond with their favorite baking sheet. But what do you do when they’ve passed their prime? Lindsey of Mom & Wife put together this quick tutorial for turning an old baking sheet into a cute magnet board. It’s a good size to hang in the kitchen for displaying notes and recipes. As a bonus, consider making some adorable DIY magnets too. Get the instructions for Baking Sheet Magnet Boards.

25. Reuse a Cheese Grater to Hold Earrings

Cheese Grater Earring Holder

Make use of an old cheese grater by spray painting it a new color and using it to hold earrings. The Pink Hammer shows how this old kitchen gadget works as an eclectic display of earrings on a dresser or vanity. Just make sure you clean it first! Get the instructions for a Cheese Grater Earring Holder.

26. Reinvent Newspapers as Gift Bags

Newspaper Gift Bags

Old newspapers can pile up fast. Katherine at Silly Simple Living came up with an alternative way to recycle those old Tribunes. Newspaper gift bags are a charming way of wrapping any present. For a light-hearted spin on this technique use the Sunday comics! Get the instructions for Newspaper Gift Bags.

27. Use Light Bulbs as a Candle Holder

Light Bulb Lamp

If light bulbs don’t top your list of things to save, this beautiful project might just change your mind. These burned out light bulbs still do an amazing job of reflecting light. Camila Fabbri collects old light bulbs in a big vase with a large pillar candle for a brilliant upcycling project that casts a romantic glow. Get the instructions for Light Bulb Candle Holders.

28. Turn Pool Noodles Into Boot Fillers

Pool Noodle Boot Fillers

If you have more than your fair share of boots, you understand how messy they can make the floor of your closet. Boot fillers can be expensive, but take a page out of Angie’s Lookbook and fill your boots with pool noodles for a cheap and effective alternative. Cut noodles to fit your tall boots and marvel at how tidy your collection looks. Get the instructions for Pool Noodle Boot Fillers.

29. Fashion Neckties Into a Statement Necklace

Tie Necklace

Aletha found a brilliant use for old neckties by making them into cute necklaces. It’s not a bad technique if you think about it—buy your hubby ties in prints that you love, and when he gets sick of them, you get a new addition to your jewelry collection! Get the instructions for a Necktie Necklace.

30. Remake a Men’s Shirt Into a Handbag

DIY Shirt Handbag

When the men in your life start to get rid of old shirts, make sure to grab one for this repurposing project! Jembellish walks us through how to create a handbag out of a men’s shirt. What a fun way to add a feminine touch to something with a masculine edge. Get the instructions for a Men’s Shirt Handbag.

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