50 Mind-Blowing New Uses For Old Things

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31. Display Magazines on Crib Slats

Crib Magazine Rack

When children grow out of their convertible cribs, The Salty Pineapple has a great idea for the pieces. Prop the unused side rail of a crib against the wall to make a magazine rack. If you don’t subscribe to many magazines, this is also useful for storing blankets or scarves within reach. Get the instructions for a Crib Magazine Rack.

32. Roll a Garden Hose Into a Wreath

Garden Hose Wreath

Find a new use for a garden hose by making it into a whimsical springtime wreath. Jill at Create.Craft.Love used a brand new hose for this particular wreath, but that doesn’t mean that your old one won’t work just as well. The grunge can be part of its charm! Get the instructions for a Garden Hose Wreath.

33. Transform Eye Shadow Into Nail Polish

Eye Shadow Nail Polish

Want to match your favorite shade of eye shadow to your nails? Try Never Too Much Glitter’s solution for turning eye shadow into nail polish. Simply grab a bottle of top coat and you’re on your way to true hand-eye coordination. This is also a smart way to make use of a color you love, but don’t necessarily want to wear on your lids. Get the instructions for Eye Shadow Nail Polish.

34. Assemble Old Furniture Into a Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen

This idea is a big undertaking, but the end result is nothing short of extraordinary. Giggleberry Creations transformed a rundown entertainment unit into a play kitchen. A project guaranteed to make some lucky little boy or girl very happy! Get the instructions for a DIY Play Kitchen.

35. Adapt a Vintage iMac Into an Aquarium


These colorful Macquariums designed by Jake Harms are an awesome new use for old iMac computers. It’s the fish tank you never knew you wanted, and a definite conversation-starter. Get the instructions for Macquariums.

36. Stitch a Necktie Into a Stylish iPod Holder

Neck Tie iPod Holder

Here is yet another use for discarded ties. Jessica at Bespangled demonstrates how to take a needle and thread to an old necktie and create a sleek iPod holder. Get more mileage out of dated apparel and travel safely without scratching your iPod. It’s a win-win! Get the instructions for a Necktie iPod Holder.

37. Craft Gift Tags from Old Maps

Map Gift Tags

Use old maps or pages from an atlas to create these charming gift tags. The Daily Bison shares these DIY tags as a way to add a sense of adventure to gifts. Make them extra special by creating tags based on geographical significance to the recipient. Get the instructions for Atlas Gift Tags.

38. Save Shopping Bags to Organize Small Items

Shopping Bag Organizer

Use sturdy shopping bags with cute designs to organize your workspace. Kellie at Le Zoe Musings recycles her favorite shopping bags to organize the wall above her desk. They hide the clutter and it’s easy to find a selection of coordinating colors and patterns. Get the instructions for Organizing with Shopping Bags.

39. Convert a Tablecloth Into a Bib

Tablecloth Bib

Moms will appreciate that these DIY bibs can easily be wiped clean and thrown in a bag for on-the-go convenience. You’ll need some basic sewing skills to carry out Small Fry and Co’s project, but it’s fast and easy. And since you’re working from a big tablecloth, you can easily make several bibs. Keep one in the car, one in the diaper bag, one at Grandma’s, and anywhere else you might stop for a snack. Get the instructions for a Tablecloth Bib.

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