51 Amazing Ways To Upgrade Boring Everyday Items Into Something Awesome

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Do you often view DIY projects as tricks performed by craft-based magicians? Do you find when a DIY task is labeled “easy,” what they actually seem to mean is “marginally less difficult than the impossible things we also have listed”? If so, you have found the DIY list for you.

Granted, true DIYers would probably scoff that these many of things are listed as DIYs (versus simple tricks or tips), but don’t listen to them. Be proud of your sub-par DIY ability and loudly boast about the latest cat toy you built for your pet (involving attaching a piece of string to your fan). These projects will occupy at least several minutes of your time!

1. Towel Holder

Create an effective towel holder from a claw hair clip. Trickiest project detail: Wrapping the towel correctly.

2. Teacup Planters

Repotting plants really isn’t very difficult. Just make sure you have an appropriate sized plant. Trickiest project detail: Not killing the plant.

3. Colander Planter

If you prefer a larger pot to work with, colanders can also be used. Just make sure you keep this one outside because of the handy drainage holes. Trickiest project detail: Not getting wet when you water it.

4. Magazine Freezer Shelves

Install new freezer shelves with ease!  Trickiest project detail: Finding space in your freezer to put them.

5. Wine Protection

Create your own wine protector with a child’s floaty. Trickiest project detail: Choosing the wine.

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