57 Amazing Dollar Store DIY Projects You Never Thought Of

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Bamboo Bouquet
If you aren’t into flowers, make a bamboo bouquet instead.

Edible Candy Bowl
Make a candy bowl you can also eat!

Pantry-PrettyPantry Makeover
Pretty up your pantry with these easy to organize jars.

Portable Salt Kit
Make a portable gourmet salt or spice kit with a simple medicine container.

Homemade Swiffer Wipes
Make your own reusable floor wipes for dollars!

Zentangle Key Chain
Use Shrinky and doodling to create an artistic key chain.

Stenciled Mug
Put some personality into dollar store mugs but adding your own designs!

Circle Mirrors
Make mirrors that look the name brand for a fraction of the price.

Inspired-MirrorPottery Barn Inspired Mirror
Love Pottery Barn, but don’t like the prices? Try making this Pottery Barn inspired mirror.

Starburst Mirror
Combine artwork and mirrors with this awesome starburst design that uses wooden skewers for the rays.

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