57 Amazing Dollar Store DIY Projects You Never Thought Of

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Popsicle Tray Crayon Holders
Wrangle your kid’s crayons with an popsicle tray.

TiaraMermaid Tiara
Perfect for Halloween or a child’s dress up, make a mermaid tiara without paying name brand prices.

Painted Lizards
Looking for good crafts for your kids? Try having them paint these inexpensive lizard models.

Animal Bookends
Create your own unique bookends with your favorite plastic animal figurines.

Party-Cups-with-Animal-HandlesParty Cups with Animal Handles
Or use those figurines to make handles for party cups instead!

Laptop Stand
Laptop overheating? Check out this ingenious way to keep it cool.

iPhone Stand
All you need is the willingness to murder an innocent plastic dinosaur to have this unique iPhone stand for yourself.

Dress up dull composition books with this tutorial.

Glitter Notebooks
Or glitter them up instead!

Mini Straw Hat
Everyone needs a tiny straw hat right? Check out how to make your own.

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