7 cool DIYs you can do with dollar store gems

Dollar store gems aren’t just for fish tanks and flower vases! These shiny little gems have plenty of other uses as well, especially if you love DIY projects.
You should be able to find pretty dollar store gems in every color of the rainbow, so pick up a few bags of your favorite colors and get started on these DIY projects!
1. Wine bottle pendant lamp (h/t I Love to Create)
I don’t know many DIY enthusiasts who don’t love making things out of wine bottles, so this wine bottle pendant lamp is sure to have a lot of fans! Learning how to cut wine bottles takes a bit of practice, but the results are totally worth it.
2. Alphabet gems (h/t Housing a Forest)
These colorful alphabet gems are so much fun! They’d be a great way for kids to practice the alphabet, but I also love the idea of gluing magnets to the backs and using them as fridge magnets!
3. Simple suncatchers (h/t Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom)
You won’t believe how easy it is to make these suncatchers — this would be a great project to do with your kids! These ones were made using a yogurt container lid as a mold, but you can experiment with making them in different shapes and sizes.
4. Tiled table (h/t Rosyscription)
This is such a great way to upgrade an old table from boring to beautiful! The blue gems make for such a nice, beachy feel, but this project would look great in any other color as well.
5. Dresser mirror (h/t Create and Babble)
I would have never thought that this pretty dresser mirror was made with dollar store gems! If you don’t have space on your dresser, this would look great hung on the wall as well.
6. Book page bracelet (h/t Happy Hour Projects)
This book page bracelet is such a clever idea! If you’re not much of a book lover, you could easily swap out the book pages for pretty pictures or little pieces of patterned paper.
7. Bathroom backsplash (h/t HomeTalk)
Why spend a ton of money on designer bathroom tiles when you could make such a pretty backsplash out of gems from the dollar store? This would be a great project for the kitchen as well!