7+ cool things that can be made out of soda cans

Soda cans come in a variety of colors, but the basic shape and foundational material of these beverage containers make them a versatile product when it comes to creative crafting. Soda cans are produced primarily out of aluminum, making them strong enough to hold carbonated drinks, yet flexible enough to adjust to fluctuating pressure points. Instead of throwing soda cans out, consider repurposing the material into an entirely new item.
It doesn’t take much time to reshape a soda can into something special. Whether it’s a unique bracelet, decorative lantern or personalized keychain, a soda can will transform into much more than it originally appears to be. With the help of the right tools, aluminum is an extremely manageable material to work with and offers up endless possibilities for DIY projects. Here are 7 creative ideas to try before tossing a soda can in the trash.

How to make a bracelet with a soda can
It’s hard to believe a soda can holds the potential to transform into a delicate bracelet perfect for accessorizing any outfit. The flexibility of aluminum petals makes for a lovely detail when attached to a stylish leather band. Get the tutorial here.


How to make a keychain with a soda can
Keep a favorite beverage label close by creating a keychain from the side of a soda can. Simple, colorful and stylish, a soda can keychain adds a bubbly and decorative touch to any set of keys. Get the tutorial here.
How to make an herb garden with soda cans
There’s no reason to buy costly herb pots when a soda can will do the trick. Garden sustainably by keeping herbs thriving within the confines of a colorful soda can-turned-planter. Creating multiple planters brings the beauty of an entire herb garden right into the home. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a coaster with a soda can
When it comes protecting delicate surfaces a soda can is ironically the ultimate solution. Feel free to turn the tables by transforming a soda can into a coaster perfect for keeping beverages far from table tops. This unique take on a traditional product allows a favorite beverage brand to add a colorful touch while keeping moisture far from materials that need some protection. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a vase with a soda can
Instead of investing in a new vase to hold a display bouquet simply repurpose a soda can to keep flowers secured while adding a unique twist to a home’s overall decor. Once the top of a soda can is removed, it retains the perfect shape and durability for holding stems and blooms in style. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a lantern with a soda can
Illuminate the home with a soda can lantern that lets personal beverage preferences pave the way to great decor. Mix and match labels with a lantern that lights up a room and takes a short amount of time to create. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a candle with a soda can
Adding personalized aroma to the home is as simple as turning an empty soda can into a customized candle holder. A touch of glittering spray paint upgrades a soda can from standard to sensational and makes for a vibrant candle accent piece in the home. Get the tutorial here.