7 incredibly useful things you can do with Press’n Seal

Press’n Seal is a product created for food storage. However, it is useful in almost every area of your home. It seals to itself and a wide variety of surfaces, but then is easily removed. This handy plastic leaves behind no residue, no mess, and no damage.
These 7 Press’n Seal hacks will save you time and money. Whether you are being creative or protective, you’ll be glad you moved it out of the kitchen pantry.
1. Protect your phone from water damage (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
Using your phone in the kitchen, bathroom, or near the pool puts it at risk for damage. Press’n Seal wrap is an easy way to add a layer of protection to your phone. To waterproof your phone simply wrap one layer of press and seal over the phone, sealing the edges around the back of the phone. The touch screen will still function.
2. Protect your floor (h/t Hative)
Whether you are painting or doing a good deep cleaning, sometimes you need to protect your carpet or hardwood. If you don’t need the width of a drop cloth, you can easily use Press’n Seal to cover the area closest to the wall. The advantage of this method over a cheap, plastic drop cloth is you don’t risk slipping, tripping, or ripping the covering. When the project is done, simply remove the plastic and throw away.
3. Move things with ease (h/t Organizing Junkie)
The worst part of moving is when you open a box to find everything is a huge jumbled mess. Keep things in their place while moving by adding a layer of Press’n Seal over baskets and containers before you place them in a larger moving box. This makes unpacking go much faster!

4. Use it as a vinyl transfer (h/t LC Card Making Corner
Press’n Seal is an inexpensive way to transfer vinyl onto hard surfaces. While Cricut and Silhouette both allow you to cut amazing shapes and quotes from vinyl, transferring them flawlessly to a surface requires a transfer plastic. Press’n Seal grabs the vinyl for application, yet easily releases without any residue.
5. Cover your fridge shelves (h/t Your Modern Family
Make cleaning the fridge quick and easy by adding Press’n Seal wrap directly to your shelves, inside drawers and in the bottom of your refrigerator. Clean up will only require removing the creative liners and replacing with new. It couldn’t get any easier than this creative kitchen cleaning hack!
6. Use as an embroidery template (h/t Lisa Bongean’s Weblog
If you want to stitch a cute saying on felt or a dark fabric, you may be at a loss at how to make your design transfer show up. Grab a permanent marker and some press and seal wrap for an easy sewing hack. You can lay out the plastic and draw on your design on a hard surface first, or place it on the fabric and then draw the design to fit the space. Stitch through the DIY template and then remove the plastic to reveal a perfect project.
7. Create a kid-friendly lunch area (h/t Life With The Crust Cut Off
A Press’n Seal place mat makes cleaning up after a meal a breeze. The slight grip to the surface prevents plates, silverware, and cups from sliding around. Once the meal is over, you aren’t left with a place mat or table to wash. Simply peel up and throw away. This is a great idea for tables, high chairs, and the snack tray on a stroller.