7 Months After Her Miscarriage, Her Husband Came Home To Find This On The Floor

Having a miscarriage is a very traumatic experience. When an expectant mother loses her unborn child, many emotions surface. Grief, sadness, guilt, shame, and so much more. Although miscarriages happen often and can happen to anyone, they can leave an expectant mom feeling like she is inadequate or incapable. But that just is not true. However, when Meredith’s doctors told her that she experienced a miscarriage when she was just six weeks pregnant, she was devastated.


The miscarriage left her feeling broken and lonely. But her husband Brandon was also heartbroken. They had wanted to build a family for some time now and had hoped that this was their chance to start. But when the doctor told her and her husband the horrible news, they were left feeling broken and vulnerable.

But seven months later, while they still struggled with the reality that Meredith had miscarried, Brandon, her husband, came home to find his wife in pain. She was experiencing severe cramps. The pain was so intense she screamed. Brandon rushed to her side and stayed there. But he never could have expected what happened next.

Meredith gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The doctor had been wrong all along. She had not miscarried. She had still been pregnant. Her situation was so strange because her water never broke. But she also never had any physical signs that she was pregnant. That is not unheard of because some women do not “show” until their eighth or ninth month.

But when the baby came into the world, not everything was all right. The baby was born while still in the amniotic sac. Along with the baby, the placenta, which had detached from mom’s uterine wall, was also outside of mom. This meant that the baby would lose its oxygen supply in a matter of moments unless they did something quickly.

Brandon did not know what to do. He called 911. But then a miracle happened. The baby’s amniotic sac popped on its own. And things were going to be all right.


You can watch the remarkable story and learn more about the traumatic delivery for Meredith and her husband.

The clip has been viewed millions of times. And hundreds of people shared comments, like the following:

“Wow! Talk about literally born on the floor.”

“Craziness. I’d be freaking out.”

“Are you kidding me? They had their period, and their body was showing no signs of pregnancy. It happens to skinny girls too.”


“As a child, I had heard of women that gave birth without knowing they’re pregnant. I just discovered these episodes. But to see this? This sequence would have put me in a shock too.”

Some people doubted the parents’ recollection of the shocking birth.

“It’s VERY unlikely that the baby was born with the placenta. Most likely, the baby was born in just the amnion (the inner sack), and the chorion remained in tact with the placenta. “

What do you think of the remarkable story? Do you believe someone may not know she is pregnant?