8 practical and pretty DIYs you can do with a plastic storage crate

You may be able to turn a storage crate into a completely different and unique item than you started with! These are great additions to your craft supply shelf and fun to create with, and they come in many sizes and colors.
1. Stools (h/t Our Home Sweet Home)
Need some extra seating, or a cute ottoman? Plastic crates can easily be turned into eye-catching small stools.
2. Doll closet (h/t Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog)
Use a plastic crate to organize and store your child’s doll clothes. Hang them up so they’re easy to find when you need a certain piece, and it’s fun for your child to have a doll ‘closet.’
3. Cat condo (h/t Curbly)
Create a custom cat condo with a couple of plastic crates and some fabric. Your cat will love having his own cozy nook to hang out in!
4. Fabric bin (h/t Sew Many Ways…)
Create a pretty fabric slipcover for a plastic crate and turn it into classy storage for your home. These look so pretty you can use them in any room to provide affordable storage.
5. Modular shelves (h/t Behance)
Create cool floating modular shelves you can use to hold everything from books or DVDs to decorative knickknacks or children’s toys.
6. Ribbon storage (h/t Crafty Storage)
Turn a plastic crate on its side and use it to store spools of ribbon, craft tape, or other crafting necessities. You can spray paint the crate to decorate it, and you’ll find it an easy way to access supplies.
7. Garden chair (h/t DIY Enthusiasts)
Create a cute little garden chair from a plastic crate, and enjoy sitting in the sunshine. Kids will love these little chairs, too, and you can use colorful cushions to customize them and add comfort.
8. Bathroom cabinet (h/t Jay Munee DIY)
Give yourself some extra bathroom storage with this clever DIY. Spray paint turns plastic crates into elegant storage for makeup or toiletries.