9 cheap and easy light fixture makeovers that’ll have you sprinting to the thrift store

Buying new light fixtures is tricky — not only can they be expensive, but it’s often hard to find one that matches the style and decor of your home.
Instead of settling for something that’s less than perfect, why not give your existing light fixture a DIY makeover? You’ll save a ton of money, and you’ll end up with a light fixture that you love!
1. DIY capiz shade (h/t Heathered Nest)
This is such a clever way to cover up the dreaded “boob lights” on your ceiling! If you can find a capiz shade at a thrift store, this project will only take a few minutes.
2. Re-painted brassy chandelier (h/t Unskinny Boppy)
If you have an old, brassy chandelier that you can’t stand, you’ll be amazed by how much better it looks with a fresh coat of paint! This is another super easy makeover that won’t cost less than a few dollars.
3. Monogrammed outdoor pendant light (h/t Sugar Bee Crafts)
Don’t you think this monogrammed pendant light would look so good outside on the patio? The blogger made hers by drilling holes into an old galvanized funnel.

4. Easy lampshade ribbon trim (h/t Erin Spain)
If you have very little time and effort to dedicate to sprucing up your light fixtures, this is the solution for you. It doesn’t get much easier than this!
5. Wire basket light fixture cover (h/t Southern Revivals)
Can you believe that this industrial-chic light fixture is made from a pair of wire baskets meant for the garden? This light would look great either inside or outside!
6. Circle diamond light fixture (h/t Pretty Handy Girl)
If you’ve never used glass etching paint before, you should definitely try this project! You can download the template used for this project from the link above.
7. Mason jar light fixture (h/t Two It Yourself)
I’ll always love mason jars, and this cute mason jar light fixture is such a clever way to use them. It looks great, and it cost the blogger less than $4 to make!
8. Boho fringe chandelier (h/t Jungalow)
How fun is this boho fringe chandelier? I love the neutral beige and gold, but I also think it would look really pretty if you used colored fringe to make an ombre chandelier.
9. Fabric-covered drum lamp shade (h/t While They Snooze)
Can you believe this awesome fabric-covered lamp shade only cost $6 to make? I love how versatile and easily customizable this project is — you can use whatever fabric matches your home decor!