9 Crafty Storage Ideas for Any Kitchen

Regardless of a kitchen’s size, we can all use some storage ideas to help us stay organized. You’ve got to keep the peace among food, gadgets, utensils, and everything else so the space can function for you. But it’s common for some items to live a nomadic life, jumping from place to place.

You can end the clutter and dysfunction with a few small changes. We’ve gathered a list of kitchen storage ideas that you can do yourself, because what’s better than a DIY solution? They’re economical, customizable, and sometimes solve a big problem with a little fix. Check out these ideas for kitchens of any size!

  1. Plastic Containers

    I think most of us could use some help with this. Are you normally the one to put things away in their own place but it’s everyone else who messes up the system? Make it easy for them with this tip and end your sighing when you can’t find the lid.

  2. For Good Measure

    How many orphaned measuring tools do you have? And how many times do have to look up conversions? Found on the blog Infarrantly Creative, this crafty idea uses paint sticks and cup hooks for easy cabinet storage. No need to mine for measuring spoons or cups anymore!

  3. Hanging Lids

    Sometimes you need to just hang it up. Who knew plastic hangers could be manipulated so easily? Give up shelf space by hanging up your pot lids on hangers. Watch and see how it’s done!

  4. Door Access

    You can’t go wrong for a small kitchen with this one. C.R.A.F.T. blogger Jamie and her family only had one kitchen drawer, so they came up with this creative fix for their kitchen. See the menus on there too? Bifold doors can be found through thrift stores, yard sales, or other secondhand sources. Give it a go!

  5. Shelves to Drawers

    If you’ve ever wished for pull-out drawer options in your kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to hire a contractor. Make a small cabinet drawer in just a few hours by following this tutorial.

  6. Try to Peg It

    Betcha you didn’t think about putting a pegboard in the kitchen. Over at A Beautiful Mess, pots, pans, and other gadgets were given their own space, complete with chalk outlines. To build on this wonderful idea, some folks like to hang baskets or tin containers to hold cutlery and other kitchen doodads.

  7. Magnetize It

    You can make your own magnetized board to hang in a kitchen cabinet or on a wall. Line up your spices in little tins or small utensils and clips.

  8. Pantry Pockets

    DIY blogger Bonnie shared this project on Hometalk for a pantry organizer that’s made from an old Ziploc box. Cut it up, cover it, and decorate it with pretty paper for storing pouches of seasonings, mixes, or cocoa!

  9. Don’t Quit Loafing Around

    Old loaf pans get repurposed with this rustic-style storage option. Hooks and chains will get you far with this DIY creation.

Whether your kitchen is big or small, you can make it work for your needs with any of these options. Give everything a permanent residence and stop struggling to find things in the subspace of your cabinets.

Which of these ideas are you feeling the most? Where is your dilemma when it comes to kitchen storage?