9 easy ways you can take a boring pillowcase from drab to fab

A few nice pillows can really make or break the look of a room, but finding the perfect pillowcases is a big challenge! However, that problem is easy to solve by making your own.
Don’t worry if you can’t sew — there are tons of easy ways you can upgrade simple white pillowcases without having to pick up a needle and thread! Let this awesome ideas inspire you.
1. Easy personalized pillow cases (h/t Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body)
These personalized pillow cases are so cute! I love how this blogger has made his and hers versions, but you can make your own pillows say whatever you like.
2. Tropical stamped pillow (h/t Historias de Casa)
You don’t have to have good drawing skills to make a beautiful printed pillow — all you need is a good stamp! This blogger made her own with a piece of cork from the craft store… how clever is that?
3. DIY marbled pillowcase (h/t Honestly Wtf)
I love this DIY marbled pillowcase — it looks like a piece of artwork! You could do this with your favorite colors or whatever colors match your home decor.

4. No-sew leather embellished pillow (h/t The Lovely Drawer)
This no-sew leather embellished pillow might not be the comfiest thing to sleep on, but it sure makes a statement! If you don’t want to use leather, you could experiment with other fabrics as well.
5. DIY Sharpie pillowcase (h/t Mom In Music City)
This DIY pillowcase looks like it was painted with special indigo paint, but it was actually made using a black Sharpie and rubbing alcohol! The results are awesome, and this project is easy enough to do with your kids.
6. Gold foil pillow (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
This gold foil pillow is so elegant, and it’s perfect for anyone who likes their decor to be a little bit glamorous! I love the wavy lines used for this design, but you could use this technique to create any pattern you like.
7. Dip dyed ombre pillow (h/t Anthropologie)
If you’ve never dip dyed anything before, this project is a great place to start! This project is surprisingly easy, and a set of these pretty pillowcases would make an awesome gift.
8. DIY mudcloth pillow (h/t Almost Makes Perfect)
This mudcloth pillow looks like something you could have picked up on your travels, but it’s something you can make from the comfort of your living room! All you need is a permanent fabric marker and some patience.
9. Scalloped edge pillowcases (h/t Earnest Home Co.)
How elegant is this scalloped edge pillowcase? You don’t even need to know how to sew to make this one — all you need to do is gather the right supplies and iron on the trim!