9 exceptionally creative ceiling ideas that will transform any room of the house

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6. Ceiling medallion
Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush shows us how she attached a decorative metal piece to the ceiling for a totally updated look. We love how it makes the lighting fixture pop!
7. Ceiling medallions and trim
Make a statement by centering a decorative foam medallion over a kitchen island, or dress up your dining room by building it over your table. You can by plaster coated foam medallions, which are lightweight and easy on your budget, but look oh so sophisticated!
8. Wood coffered ceiling
This may be one of the most stunning ceiling transformations we’ve seen – and you can do it, too! This tutorial from Andrew Rachel Ashmore walks you through the steps to make your very own sunken panel ceiling.
9. DIY bead-board ceiling
If you’ve got an eyesore of a ceiling that you’d like to cover up, this project may just be perfect for you! Head over to Lifestyle And Design Online for a breakdown of how you, too, can update your home with this super classy look.
Which ceiling makeover is most your style? Do you have any DIY-loving friends who would love to make a statement with their ceiling? Share the love and send them this article!
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