Abused And Broken Kitten Shaking In Fear, Heartless Owner Swings Her By The Tail

Animals that have owners who abuse and neglect them sometimes turn out to be miracle stories.

A little kitten was abused to the point that it had nerve damage in its back legs and tail, leaving it unable to move its back legs at all.


Fortunately, someone heard about the kitten’s story and adopted her so that she would have the life that she deserved.

Monkey’s owners had to drive several miles to get her, but it only showed that they were dedicated to rescuing a kitten that had been through so much in just a short time.

Monkey’s previous owners had neglected her and swung her around by her tail to the point that it caused nerve damage.

She was also taken from her mother when she was only a few days old. The tiny kitten was afraid each day, shaking and distressed

Her owners weren’t feeding her and didn’t pay attention to the other needs that she had.

All it took was someone caring about her and giving her the love she needed for her to survive.
She was given food and medications for her eye infection. She was rescued by a family who introduced her to other animals, including a few dogs who took her under their wing.

Monkey has even started physical therapy to try to get her legs stronger so that she might be able to take a few steps when she’s older.