This Amazing Mobile Home Transforms into a Fill-Size House in Minutes

A lot of people love the idea of living a nomadic lifestyle and traveling around the country in a mobile home, but the cramped space and lack of privacy often dissuade people from making that leap. Mobile homes aren’t really the pinnacle of luxurious living, what if you could have the best of both worlds? A company called Dahir Insaat is making it happen with their transformer mobile home.

The home starts out looking like a semi truck, with the roof snuggly fit over the top of it. Once you start the transformation process, the walls and flooring pop out and everything starts to take shape. In the double-decker version of the home, there’s even a second floor to provide extra space.

The concept is certainly unique, and the design itself gives off a luxurious vibe. The barn-style frame of the modular home, mixed with all of the windows, gives the home and open feel. You can even customize the exterior and interior to add walls where needed.

Here’s another video showing how different types of the transformer mobile homes opening up and then returning to original form.