Does Your Backyard Need Some Warming Up? Here Are 16 Awesome DIY Fire Pit Ideas

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9. Use an old truck wheel as the fire ring.

Source: Handimania

What’s great about using a wheel to help form your fire pit, is that it is perfectly round! So, setting stones or bricks around it in a symmetrical fashion is a breeze. View the full instructions on how to build it here.

10. Make your BBQ a centerpiece.

Source: Instructables

Instructables has a tutorial on how to build your own BBQ fire pit for under $50.

11. Mini tabletop fire pit.

Source: The Art of Doing Stuff

Create your very own personal zen fire pit with just a few simple materials and tools. Head over to The Art of Doing Stuff to find out how.

12. Huge cinder block and stone fire pit.

Source: Tools 2 Tiaras

If you have an ample amount of space in your backyard, why not use it? Tools 2 Tiaras has a great tutorial on how to build this giant fire pit. Perfect for large family gatherings.

13. Square metal fire pit.

Source: The Brick House

Fire pits don’t always have to be made of concrete, stone, or brick – go for a modern twist with black metal instead. The Brick has step-by-step instructions for this easy project.

14. Experiment with different textures.

Source: Piximus

The great thing about DIY projects is that, well, you’re doing it yourself! Try using different colored bricks, or different shapes, you can even use small stones to fill in open spaces.

15. Steel and stone fire pit.

Source: Homestead Economics via YouTube

Steel sheets are another great material for building fire pits and rings. All you will need for this simple project are two steel sheets (one longer than the other) and your choice of stone. Watch the full tutorial at Homestead Economics.

16. Affordable and easy.

Source: Lowes

Just want a simple place to grill? No problem! Use bricks and a BBQ grill and you’re all set!

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Source: Home BNC

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