Beware Of Plastic Rice! Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Identify Fake Rice

China produces more than 200 million tons of rice every year which is why it is considered as the biggest producer of rice in the entire world. Korean Times recently reported a study which showed that Chinese rice is extremely dangerous for our overall health because it is made of plastic.

In fact, Chinese producers sell artificial rice that is made of plastic and potato starch which in the end is steamed with rice aroma. Sadly, after many investigations, it has been discovered that this artificial Chinese rice contains plastic equal to one little plastic bag.

Luckily, we can easily notice this fake rice, all you have to do is to follow these simple tips:

The pestle and mortar test

First of all, take several rice grains and crush them. After that, closely observe them and it you notice that the rice begins to form fine white powder, it means that it is organic. On the other hand, it here is a yellow stain, it means that it is artificial rice.

The test with fire

All you have to do is to light several rice kernels. If they burn, it means that the rice is fake.

The test with water

Add one tablespoon of rice in a glass of water, and if it falls in the bottom of the glass, it means that it is organic.

The test with mold

Cook one handful of rice in water. Next, add the rice in a plastic container and leave it on a sunny spot for a couple of days. If it is organic, the rice will become moldy, but if not, than it means that it is fake.

The next time you buy rice and you don’t know whether it is organic or fake, just try these simple tips and discover the truth in just a few minutes.