Bottle Cap Floor Tile

We hated the musky carpet in the office / craft room, So, rather than buy a normal floor covering, I decided to challenge myself. I began collecting beer / soda bottle caps from friends and family across country as well as circulating a picture of my project to local pubs. It took over a year to complete because I waited for people to drink the right colors. I think it turned out amazing!
  • bottle cap floor tile
Almost all the caps we’re flattened with anything I could find round enough to rebend them into shape. ( husbands sockets, hammer, etc. ) Then, each cap was piped with tile mortar to dry full allow stability for walking.
  • bottle cap floor tile
I knew I wanted some sort of star in center. After several dry fits, I took a pic and began the real work. My grand daughter helped by photo bombing my tutorial every chance she got.
  • bottle cap floor tile
The center of our floor was secured with a ledge stick and I began setting the caps permanently.
  • bottle cap floor tile
The pattern was duplicated on the other side and grew depending on how many I had of any one color.
The final product was grouted black and minimal 6 coats of commercial grade urethane applied.
  • bottle cap floor tile
The doorways were highlighted with a “door mat” pattern. Its difficult to see here, but there’s a red mat with a blue and white star in front of my closet.
  • bottle cap floor tile
I’m so ready to create more in this very inspirational room. Onward to the next project!

Materials used for this project:

  • Varies bottle Cap colors   (Friends, family and local pubs)
  • Tile mortar and Unsanded black grout   (Lowes)
  • Commercial strength urethane   (Amazon)