How to Build an Amazing DIY Bottle Wall

Do-it-yourself projects abound. And the favorite type of project for the avid do-it-yourselfer is often those that make the yard a little bit cooler or more efficient. From walkways to fountains, there are tons of outdoor projects you can put together yourself, some easier than others. Fences, in particular, are a popular do-it-yourself project, and one of the neatest, and most creative, is a bottle fence.

Bottle fences aren’t usually designed to fence in (or out) people, animal, or things. Instead, they are normally decorative accents for small stretches of patio, deck, or yard. These charming fences can be any size you like, can be lit, backlit, or left without lighting, and are usually made from recycled (or upcycled) materials. Your cost will be minimal, though it might take you some time collecting those bottles. However, if you regularly drink alcohol, or plan to have a party with drinks, you can probably collect the bottles relatively easily. Another option is asking your local bar to save their empty bottles for you. They may do it for free or for a small fee, but either way you will get your needed bottles pronto.

Bottle fences aren’t terribly hard to construct, but they do require some patience when removing labels and drilling holes. They will also require some care in construction. It is easy to break bottles when drilling if you don’t drill correctly or to ruin a good bottle after it’s been drilled because you didn’t wash off the glass dust promptly. The video below will show you exactly how to build an awesome bottle fence for yourself and show you the proper way to perform all the necessary techniques.

As you can see from the video, it’s more time consuming than difficult to get the bottles prepared for the fence. Be sure to use the tips in the video to successfully drill the holes in the bottles and clean them afterward. If you don’t, you can see the results: Broken bottles or the drill bit dancing around on the glass without actually drilling anything. Although they say not to use clear bottles for the construction, you can throw a couple clear ones in the mix as long as you have plenty more that are different colors.