How to Build This Self-Sustaining 14×14 Solar Cabin for Under $2,000 (VIDEO)

Homesteading is a broad term that involves living a lifestyle of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. It is a way of life that is slowly becoming more favorable thanks to its frugal nature, weaning off the reliance on overpriced and overproduced supermarket goods so that you can fully sustain yourself without outside help, house payments, and spending small fortunes on electricity and food.

Off the Grid by LaMar Alexander is an incredibly useful book with step-by-step guides and instructions to help you spark off and maintain this simpler lifestyle.  Alexander has been a homesteader himself for a number of years, so his own experiences combined with his knowledge as a health education specialist offers a wealth of information. After a divorce and sudden illness claimed nearly all of Alexander’s money and assets, he decided to build his own home on a small piece of land that he inherited from his family’s old homestead. He’s been living there for over 15 years now, so he truly is an expert on the subject.

Alexanders’ General Project Overview Video