Build a Train Made Out Of Old Crates

No one can argue, that living in a house with a garden is much better than spending your days in an apartment. But a house with garden requires constant attention and caring in order to look beautiful. If you want to give a small make-over to your garden and don’t know where to start, you should try this next very cute idea. Build this small planter that looks like a train and your outdoor space will look much nicer. The train-planter is made entirely out of wood, so if you have old pieces of wood or pallets at home now would be the time to use them. Once you made the structure of the train, each small carriage can be turned into a planter, by adding good quality soil and planting your favorite flowers inside. Visit the following link for more pictures of this project and build your own train-planter to place in your garden.

345train-made-out-of-old-crates-1train-made-out-of-old-crates-2 train-made-out-of-old-crates-6

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